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Pour ceux qui ont manqué la publication du Magazine Upflatdown (ex Tignes Echo) made by Abi Yates, Gpsy Feelin vous propose de retrouver l’intégralité de l’interview réalisée quelques jours aprés la Ice Cream Jam Session à Val d’Isère. Pour une fois tout est en anglais, pour le plaisir des dudes et autres mates…


Background :

When did gpsy feelin form?

Gpsy Feelin formed in 2007

Who originally started it?

Yann Barthelemy, Jéremy Féburier and Leo Taillefer, long time friends living in val D’ Isère.

Why did it start?

Those 3 friends wouldn’ t ride together until the day when it all changed, they discovered common interests such as riding followed by a cam. They decided to unite and create a crew to film their wild sessions together.

Who are the official members?

A bunch of youngsters living in the Tarentaise area and surroundings, all moved by that gpsy feelin’.

What is gpsy about now?

A reunion of riders, movie makers and photographers united for the same causes: get together, have fun riding unlikely spots in the Espace Killy ( including its streets ), take pictures, film and come up with quirky footage in which you can read pleasure on people’s faces.

You are now an official organisation. What does that mean?

What do you mean, Abz ? we’ve always been official !!!!

Do you have a mission?

We have many missions, such as to slash all the tourists sat on the slopes to check their Espace Killy pistes maps, which is the most important one. Otherwise, to make the world a better world by stopping the baby seals’ massacre.

Riding :

You’ve had quite a few events this year including last week’s “ice cream session”. What was that? How did it go?

We organized a jam session in Val d’ Isère on a private property with prizes to win thanks to our Blackcats partnership. Big shaping job, the spot was well dodgy, true to tha Gpsy Feelin spirit.. It snowed but riders had a good feeling, we all had a good time, it was cool. We then finished by a night in Graal Club with Dj Twix on the turntables. Many people came on a Saturday night.

You do a lot of “spot” sessions. What do they involve?Y

Motivation, muscles, balls, shovels, generator, and lights if it’s a night session, and diplomacy with police forces and other righters of wrongs (with or without a mask), looking for a meaning to their lives and that often try to throw a spanner in the works…

What was the most disappointing?

In Val D’Isère, beginning of the season, grind to gap, Tim from Chamonix got hurt badly after falling down from 3-4 meters, onto a rock sticking out of the little snow on the spot… Fractured vertebra. We were really shocked by everything that happened in front of our eyes, and quite discouraged.

What has been the best one so far this season?

After a snowfall and a good week of inactivity following Tim’s accident, somewhere near La Daille, we built a kicker with a big gap, landing on the pitched roof of some old chalet, onto a rather sketchy tree run out. We were a bit skeptical considering the commitment needed to hit the spot, but all riders, photographers and cameramen were over motivaded. The spot was really dope and the evening was well productive on the visual plan. We had a lot of fun riding and some snow even made an appearance at the end of the session. A perfect evening… still strongly thinking about our soldier.

Top tip to building a good kicker?

Choose a visually cool spot, calculate the angle between the kicker and the moon, multiply by 3.14; use the latitude of the spot you’re at, and multiply by the first result. Then divide by the distance between the kicker and the landing point, and you get the amount of snow blocks you need to pile up. One last important thing, you must bring down in, a backpack (brand doesn’t matter), some fresh snow, from above 3000m, to finish off the kicker.

You guys will obviously be out to support Julien in the X-Games. Any words of encouragement?

No need for encouragement, Ju God ain’t nuthin’ ta fuck with, ya’ll betta rekognize ! Bring tha rawkus ! Bang Bang !! Brrrrrraaaaaah !!

You did a trip to Romania last year? Have you got a trip planned for this year? Will you be doing a film like Sa Rec this year?

Part of the crew went to Italy during the winter, and in a few days, Yann Barthelemy, Léo Taillefer and Thibaut Pom Pomarat are going to Bulgaria to shoot with René Eckert. We have a new movie project this year, even more blasting than Sa Rec, but we won’t say more…

There are a lot of Gpsy t-shirts and scarfs around resort. Can anyone get one? Where can they be bought?

Everyone can get those Gpsy Feelin derivated products, all members are dealers, but you can also contact us by mail through our internet site; note that all those fresh products are sold for the association, without benefit, conforming to the 1901 law.


Have Fun, alcool’s good, snow’s better !!

Good People Stay Young


BIG UP Abi for the interview.